Populism update

Think about the populist anti-politics vote and suddenly it’s everywhere – in the UK, across Europe, and currently very much in France. Not always linked to climate scepticism, but sometimes very strongly so, and not going away soon.


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  1. Between all these arguments, a simple issue arises: is the electorate well-informed? Well-informed about: 1. Being a citizen and the meanings thereof in terms of rights & obligations? 2. About the various policies at play and their rationale(s)? 3. Being organized enough to be able to successfully demand accountability from those that seek to govern them? 4. Being aware of the constitution of their state(s) and thus the framework within which those who seek to govern them are expected to function – both administrative as well as normative. 5. That number 4 is crucial to their existences as well as that what they refer to as the state/structure since it is made up of them and by them and for them. These usually suffice to ensure that one has a healthy body-politic in place and are not hapless sheep waiting to be slaughtered at one hand or the other! When one has a healthy body-politics, it is easier to feel proud as a human being and a citizen without them offering any serious contradictions to one another and thus the concomitant issue of legitimacy that politicians usually seem to evoke! 6. That should the last sentence in number 5 be the case that they have the right to recall or reject the list of candidates and vote on the button: NONE OF THE ABOVE where the null votes are also counted and thus have a function in determining whether a re-election is called for with fresh candidates or the electoral results are declared with such a caveat where the elected candidates are thus expected to function under a scrutiny till a later mid-term poll clears them of such special scrutiny.

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