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Borrow to invest?

Last month we argued that, despite the Coalition Government’s obsession with cutting the deficit, we should be using public borrowing to pay for the additional costs of a low carbon infrastructure. Seems like someone agrees with us – over at Left Foot Forward, Gerry Holtham has been arguing something very similar. As he puts it: Continue reading


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The 12 commandments of climate strategy

Earlier this year, Stephen Hale – head of the UK’s Green Alliance network of companies and NGOs – left for a new life in Geneva working for Oxfam International. His parting shot was a pamphlet called The New Commandments of Climate Change Strategy: How to cut emissions and win elections too. We think that it’s very good, and didn’t get enough attention at the time, so we’re urging people to go back  and have another look.

This slightly Biblical-sounding pamphlet (is Stephen casting himself as the Moses of climate policy?) looking at what governments should do is a follow-up to his 2008 New Politics of Climate Change, which looks at what civil society should do.

Both start with an excellent Continue reading

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