Taking a break…

Regular readers may have noted that posts have become increasingly irregular and infrequent. This is not because there isn’t anything important to blog about. It’s more that we’re indundated by the pressures that our day jobs put on us, and by the rewards and demands arising from both of us having young kids. Basically we’re suffering from the fact that blogging has no business model. So we just thought we’d let you all know that we’re taking a break over the summer. Thanks for being loyal readers, and once we’re all back from our Tuscan villas (yeah, right) in September we hope we can get back into action again.

All the best

Andrew and Matthew



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2 responses to “Taking a break…

  1. Duncan

    Come back soon, I really rely on Political Climate for a sensibilist steer
    best wishes

  2. Tan Copsey

    booo. why do you think you’re allowed a holiday.


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