Su Wei Says No Emissions Cap

As if responding to yesterday’s post here on Political Climate, chief negotiator Su Wei (pictured) has confirmed that China will not accept emissions caps in the foreseeable future. He restated China’s commitment to its pre-Copenhagen pledge to reduce emissions intensity.

It really doesn’t matter whether you support or are critical of China’s position. You may think China can do more and should at least sign up to a global halving of emissions by 2050. China has weighed up its options, looked at the liabilities, costs and pitfalls of being bound into emissions targets – because that’s how emissions reduction is judged – and has decided for now to stay out of the game.

So we’re faced with a choice. Either keep pushing in the hope that the Politburo (and the US Senate, for one will surely not move significantly without the other) can be made to see sense or nudged gently and incrementally upwards or start playing differently.

While China’s position is enormously complex, what matters most is its stability, which can only be maintained through continued strong economic growth and development. It is therefore in China’s interest to innovate and bring down the cost of its development. There is ample space – indeed a pressing necessity – for global cooperation to ensure innovation is pushed down a low-carbon pathway. So why not make the game about innovation – in technology as well as socially and in policy-making – rather than the setting of emissions targets?


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One response to “Su Wei Says No Emissions Cap

  1. What if we use the protest of not buying their tainted goods? The economic vote (with your money) can send a message. I am sure that many
    people do not buy American goods due to a protest
    and buy a Japanese car or other non USA made products. When enough people stop buying their
    Tainted Goods (tainted with Coal emissions for the electricity used or lead in the paint) the Market will reduce their emissions. Then the USA
    will be first again in emissions. So when we do not buy goods made here in the USA we will lose
    our jobs and not afford to buy Chinese goods. We can kill two birds with one stone plus ourselves come to think about it. With a poorer China where will the USA go to borrow more money? It
    is quite a complex situation.

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